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It seems that as our society progresses in technology with cell phones, video conferencing, and social networking sites we become less and less connected in person. Others would argue that all these advances bring us closer to each other when physical presence isn’t possible. Well, whatever your opinion (or mine, for that matter), I’ve found that blogging/journaling for the entire world to be able to see is a trend that’s becoming ever more popular. Fine, I’m in! It does actually solve the one dilemma I’ve always had in “real life” – reaching enough people. I am currently back in the foodservice industry at a fabulous restaurant down the street, and I’ve pursued many types of careers in the fields of banking, physical fitness, wellness (yes, they’re connected, but actually different), child care, sales, theater, and of course every type of bar/restaurant job imaginable. Most recently, I had doubled my work load in one location by managing during the day and serving/bartending at night. Since I am the single mother of a very spirited 5 year old daughter, the devoted girlfriend of a man I will definitely marry, AND somehow attempt to maintain my status with an awesome company The Pampered Chef, it’s easy to see that I basically had no time to go out/meet people/network/etc. Unfortunately for that last part (and my social life, of course), getting out and about is most of the business. Pampered Chef is most successful through word of mouth, but if my mouth isn’t out in public, there is a very small circle of people who actually hears those words.

I decided to drop half of my position with this restaurant. It was simply too much to work 10-12 out of the 14 possible shifts (lunch and dinner) EVERY SINGLE WEEK and still have any sort of relationship with my family. I have also been wanting to take my PC business to the next level for a few years now, but never seem to “have the time” to really pursue it and get out there with more shows. Which brings us to this post on this blog on this very special day! The day I give in to blogging, haha! I truly love food. Like seriously, I can eat any time of day, any type of food… I will join you in a great meal even if I’ve literally just eaten. Food is my hero AND my arch nemesis, and without it we literally can’t live. 🙂 What I think I love even more than the eating of food is the cooking of it. Not restaurant or catering style, where you make sauces by the vat and chop masses of chicken each day, but small special meals for my family on my own stove in my own kitchen. The Pampered Chef has tons of great recipes and cookbooks of all sorts, and Jeremiah loves tracking down recipes from his favorite tv chefs online, so there are endless meal possibilities at our fingertips. Now that I’m home more often again, I get to go back to doing what I love most, cooking a great homemade dinner.

Over the years, my Facebook page has evolved many times. I started networking online to reconnect with old friends, schoolmates, and extended family that are simply too far away to visit with very often. It grew with my old sorority pictures and posts reminiscing about my youth. As I traveled, got married, had a baby, got divorced, and picked up multiple jobs my page kept changing to reflect the major current events in my life at the time. I’ve always found a way to enjoy the experience of living, no matter the circumstances. Oddly enough, other than the occasional status update and picture about Ryley’s progress in school or dance class, most of my recent posting has been about my cooking. My iPhone has become a professional medium for photography of our nightly cuisine, and my poor little Facebook page (and all 728 friends) are inundated with picture after picture of whatever adventure I’ve created on the kitchen counter, dinner table, or tv tray (yes I said it). I have decided to give my friends a bit of reprieve and separate my tumultuous affair with food from my main Facebook page, and from it the other page and this blog are born. I really do feel like every opportunity to cook IS a culinary adventure, even if only a simple one, and both successes AND failures can be fun sometimes. I intend to visit this site as often as possible and recant my tales in the kitchen, including pictures, description, and perhaps even the Pampered Chef tools I use (to make duplication even easier for you if you so desire). Think “The Julie/Julia Project” but with less useless profanity and more specific branding. 😉 So, enjoy your meal, or bon apetit, or buen provecho, or buon appetito… whatever your preference, in all things, LOVE LIFE AND LOVE FOOD!!!

the family at Stuft Pizza, La Quinta


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