Leftovers can be awesomelicious

I was debating whether or not I should post tonight, simply because I don’t want an entry just for the sake of having one every day. I want these to have a purpose, to be worth reading… so you don’t get sick of me by day 12! I decided, though, that today’s lunch was worth mentioning because I think leftovers are often highly underrated. I know tons of people who refuse to eat food anytime after the original moment in which it was made, which is ridiculous. Sure, it’s your right, and of course there are foods that don’t keep or should really not be saved, but in general you’re wasting your own money by throwing away perfectly good food.

Well, we still had two thin pieces of my booboo steak from yesterday, but no more grilled mushrooms or balsamic reduction. Plus, I really didn’t like the idea of trying to reheat an already well done steak (yah, sometimes I’m a little foofoo bougie girl… deal with it). And I desperately need to use the rest of this jalapeno cheddar bread because it’s soooo delicious but obviously fresh bread doesn’t last very long. So, I took a few slices of the bread, spread a very tasty herb de provence goat cheese on it, and then added the balsamic marinated steak, sliced tomato, lettuce, and fresh avocado. Then I grabbed a bag of homemade potato chips (more on that later) and fell in love with sandwiches all over again!

That goat cheese is so good I caught myself scooping some out with my finger and eating it by itself. After a little self-deprecation, I took one more fingerful (ok, three) and suggested that Jeremiah make the same sandwich with the last slice of steak. A lady at the Farmer’s Market makes all kinds of flavored goat cheeses (I bought the herb de provence and a jalapeno goat cheese), and yes she literally makes them. From the goats in the back yard. Pretty cool for someone living in CA (and her honey comes from her own bees and different types of flowers too). Little did I know, Jeremiah apparently isn’t too big a fan of flavored goat cheese. Wanna’ know the best way to be able to eat ALL of the leftovers without getting in trouble for it? Make it with an ingredient he discovers he doesn’t like. I GOT TWO SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH TODAY, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Next time I’ll make his with grilled onions and more of the bleu cheese crumbles instead. Or… I’ll just conveniently forget his preference and end up with twice as much food again… ; )


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2 responses to “Leftovers can be awesomelicious”

  1. Deb says :

    So glad I found your Herbs de Provence post! Pairing the herbs with creamy, tangy goat cheese sounds delicious.

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