If you’re cheesy and you know it, clap your hands

Do you ever just feel uncontrollably lazy? Like no amount of fire under your bum could get you going? That’s how I woke up this morning. So, what did I do? I went for a walk. Didn’t feel like exercising (rarely do, haha) but I just put my shoes on and walked out the door. Jeremiah and I wore pedometers and I did over 14,000 steps round trip! Of course I made all of that fabulous exercise obsolete by inserting lunch at a great local Thai restaurant, but we treated it like our halfway point reward, and it was so very worth it. I earned that Tom Kha Gai with my 6 mile walk!!

Whoever said exercising gives you more energy was a big fat liar! I’m kidding, but I will say that I highly underestimated the distance of that restaurant. Holy Moly. Immediately following lunch/the walk back home I had a wine tasting at work for the new wines we’re offering, and by the time I got back from that I honestly did not feel like cooking. I’m bummed because I bought these great little lamb chops knowing we both had the night off. Needless to say I took the easy route and made the simplest dinner possible.

It’s a proven fact that my family will eat anything covered in cheese, so I steamed cauliflower and melted cheddar on top. I also made a box of Rice a Roni (boo me!) but since it was broccoli au gratin, I also took fresh broccoli and mixed extra into the rice. All I did for the lamb was rub some savory herbs on each side and pan grill it med rare (but for the first time I tried the thing the work chefs do to meat and finished it in the oven for a hot center). I don’t mean to toot my own horn but beep ba beep ba beep beep!! It may have been aesthetically unappealing because of the colors, but the lamb was somehow cooked perfectly, and paired with a decent shiraz, the meal was quite tasty. Even my finicky 5 year old liked it. Not the wine of course… she’s more of a white wine drinker. ; )

So, I apologize for the lazy “cheesy” dinner and I will definitely do something more interesting next time. Luckily, sometimes simple flavors (or just putting cheese on everything) does as well as a fancy complicated meal would have.



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