Mother-Daughter Morning!

let's do this!

Since I slacked off yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling inspired. Actually, I woke up with a sneaky child asleep next to me hogging the pillow. Usually when she asks for breakfast we pour a bowl of cereal or fling a waffle into the toaster, but there was extra time this morning so we opted for pancakes. Yay! It’s been seriously two decades since I’ve made real pancakes, and I got to learn how with MY mother. No, I don’t start from complete scratch, but Bisquick is still totally fun to make together.

the egg expert

Ryley’s been cracking eggs for a few years now, and she’s actually quite good at it! She loves to “cook” so I let her do all the safe stuff – cracking eggs, pouring ingredients, mixing, etc. She complained very loudly when I wouldn’t let her do the flipping, but unfortunately I still think she’s just a bit too young to be handling food over a hot stove/pan. Call me crazy. We have many many years and opportunities to come for her to practice her cooking skills, and I don’t know any other 5 year olds who have a huge need for mastery of flapjack flipping either.

mix somehow staying in the batter bowl!

Mixing the pancakes and pouring them into the pan brought me all the way back to childhood and helping my mom cook meals, and I could literally picture us in our kitchen in La Mirada with homemade aprons and old food splattered cookbooks. Great memories. I don’t have a large griddle (only some griddle plates for our George Foreman Grilleration G5, but that seemed like it would take forever having to do like ONE pancake at a time), so I used the nonstick 10″ Skillet from one of the Pampered Chef collections and rubbed a little butter in it first. I love my cookware because it’s restaurant quality and so easy to clean!

here we go!

I definitely want the Double Burner Griddle someday, and then I’ll be able to do the pancakes, eggs AND bacon all at once, haha! You can see my Classic Batter bowl here in the picture ( I have both sizes, Classic is 2 qts $15.50), and I seriously use it for everything! It’s dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe, and the measure marks are actually ridges on the glass so they won’t scratch off over time. It’s one of my go-to pieces for everything from salsa to quick defrosting to – yes, you guessed it – pancake batter!

baby cakes

I started with normal pancakes for a warm up, but started feeling creative and remembered that one of my grade school best friends’ older sister taught us how to make dollar pancakes once. They were so cute, and she even “flipped” the drips that would land in the pan so I thought Ryley would get a kick out of Barbie pancakes too. Then I made a very poor attempt at the Mickey Mouse ear pancakes. They looked a little more like Salvador Dali’s rendition of Mickey Mouse, but Ryley enjoyed them anyway.

grown up stack for daddy

Jeremiah had his first experience with syrup-less pancakes. Yes I KNOW it’s probably sacriligious to put butter on pancakes and not use syrup, but we don’t keep any in the house. I’ve always had a problem with pouring liquid sugar directly onto your food. SORRY! I did hear something about me serving him “sponges with butter on them” but he’ll get used to it, haha! All in all, it was a fun morning together before school, and perhaps next time I won’t be so rusty with my flapjackery. Enjoy your day everyone!

enjoying Mickey!


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6 responses to “Mother-Daughter Morning!”

  1. Jennifer Zucati Smith says :

    I enjoyed your writing!!! Made me feel like I was sitting right there in your kitchen…remembering all of conversations and how after all the drama we became friends, even when people thought we wouldnt. I look forward to seeing what else you have to say. ( :

    • thelovecatway says :

      thank you! I do miss being able to hang out, but I’m happy to have you in my virtual “kitchen” any time! follow the blog with the button at the bottom if you want to know when I write new posts =)

  2. J. A. Robinson says :

    Thanks for visitng my “punny” photoblog and commenting! Our 2 “babies” are now twenty-somethings, but your photo essay above brought back fond memories of teaching them to cook.

    Yours was a well written and well illustrated post. (Loved the “baby cakes” shot!) –John

  3. Anonymous says :

    I plan to share this in my classes as well. I really love that this was one of your fond memories, and that you are passing it on.

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