Midnight Train to Lasagna

Yesterday I decided to use the rest of the Farmer’s Market vegetables to make Lasagna Primavera (if you go to the Pampered Chef website, you can search recipes from a huge database by name, keyword, ingredient, etc.). After church, however, we were so hungry I swear I felt my stomach trying to digest my intestines. Since I still needed some heavy cream and extra parmesan cheese to make alfredo sauce from scratch, it only made perfect sense that we stop by In N Out for some cheeseburgers before going to Trader Joes!

Since I didn’t have enough time before work to finish the lasagna, I waited until after work. When I got home I started prepping all the vegetables and made the alfredo, but realized I had already used my tomatoes for salsa earlier in the week. Oh no! So I texted Jeremiah to get some on his way home from work. In the meantime I used my Simple Slicer on the 2nd notch for medium slices (like a small convenient mandoline, $29.50) of the zucchini and carrots. I usually like to use full size carrots, but we have some baby carrots that need to be used so I got creative and stuffed the carrots onto the holder of the slicer, just to see what would happen. It worked! Perfectly sliced carrots, although next time I’ll save the baby vegetables for Ryley and use real ones. My fine Microplane Grater ($27) has a cool little attachment so I don’t get near the sharp parts, and the handle adjusts to a flat or standing position. I sliced the wild mushrooms by hand because there were so many different shapes and sizes. The 4 cloves of garlic were a breeze with the Garlic Press ($16.50), and I don’t ever even have to touch it when I use the tool it comes with, so my fingers don’t stink like an old Italian lady’s for the next 2 days.

With the sauce made, the cheese mixed and the vegetables sauteed, I was ready to put it all together. Pulled out the box of lasagna noodles and lo and behold there were 5 noodles inside. Are you kidding me?! I pulled a second Heather in one night again?! Being the great boyfriend that he is (or perhaps simply not wanting to hear about it for the rest of the night, haha) Jeremiah got ready to go back out and brought home some noodles. My hero! The moral of this story: even when you think you have ingredients in your pantry/fridge it’s much wiser to ACTUALLY check (and look inside the container if it’s in one). So an hour and a half after I started the 20 min. prep I was ready to bake a lasagna!! And have a few glasses of wine.

After cooking, we finally had a piece around 11:30. A little late for dinner, but I’ve never been much of a conformist, haha. It turned out ok. The flavors were great, even though I’ve never ever had a lasagna with white sauce. The only thing I had a problem with was the top layer of noodles. When I put it all together the recipe said uncooked noodles, and my assumption is that the moisture of the veggies and cheese would help soften the noodles below… but what was supposed to soften the ones on TOP of the veggies? Apparently nothing. My top layer wasn’t fully cooked. Maybe if I made more alfredo I could’ve drowned the top noodle in liquid to help it boil while it baked. Or maybe I’ll soften the noodles first to give the lasagna a head start. The reheated piece today was much better, delicious in fact, and the entire experience was definitely interesting. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it.


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