Don’t chew want a snack?

Since I realize not everyone can appreciate my last post (veggies can be kind of scary sometimes), I’ve decided to share a smoothie as well. It’s a simple, tasty snack (because fruit has natural sugars which make it yummy but a better choice than donuts or ice cream), and no chewing required!

Mine has very few ingredients – for both cost-effectiveness and quick preparation – but like with my green juice, there are tons of possible variations. I usually like to use almond milk because it’s nutrient dense but low in calories. It also does not require refrigeration, is complimentary to a vegan or lactose-intolerant diet, is great for the skin, and has anti-aging and cancer fighting properties. Since I’m the only one in the house willing to try “not milk,” it is hard to have both, so I often substitute lowfat milk in my smoothie.

Both Trader Joes and Fresh and Easy (and probably every other store out there) has a great little bag of frozen berries. Theirs are a blend of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries – rich in anti-oxidants, fiber (of course), vitamins C, etc. I buy the frozen bag so that I don’t have to add ice to the smoothie, and it still has that blended frozen drink quality. All I add besides the berries is a simple ripe banana. Yellow bananas have already broken the starch into sugars, which makes it sweeter but also easier on your body. It’s full of vitamin B6 and C, potassium, (you knew what was coming) dietary fiber, and other great nutrients. Like with my juice, I add ground flax seed, but beware of angering your behind if you put some in!

So that’s it, 3 ingredients in the blender, and I’m literally full. About a cup of frozen fruit, then a whole peeled banana, and then milk poured over it to about a cup and a half (or two cups if you want it thinner). Blend just until everything is mixed, but don’t over-blend!! I once had a cup full of fruity froth because i went too long, and honestly it was not tasty drinking purple bubbles with seeds.

I know the last two posts were more informational than my usual blogginess, but when I started juicing, lots of people found my recipes to be un-disgusting, so I figured I’d share just in case you want to give them a go. Okie dokie, back to my regularly scheduled yapping…


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