Chip on my shoulder

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I like love have to snack! It keeps me going throughout the day, and helps me control the portions in my main meals. Problem is, it’s pretty hard to find healthy snacks that still satisfy the need for certain tastes like sweetness or saltiness. I can munch on carrots and celery all day, but eventually I feel like a rabbit and just want some chips! What I found out, though, is that the average handful of potato chips (1 oz., 10-15 chips) has about 10 grams of fat and is typically close to 160 calories. I don’t know anyone who grabs a bag of chips and stops eating at #9. I’ve watched a grown man pop in handfulls at a time and get halfway through a full-size bag without even realizing! So how do we satiate the salty craving of chips without consuming too much of the fat, preservatives, sodium, and general junk you get in packaged/processed snacks? MAKE YOUR OWN!!

sliced and dried

We make our own potato chips. They have no additives or preservatives, much less salt (but still enough for flavor), and are virtually fat free! I start with a well-washed potato and leave the skin on when slicing with my Simple Slicer set on #1. Laying them out onto paper towels, I can then choose to flavor them however we want. Some we leave plain with a bit of freshly ground mediterranean sea salt (much better flavor than table salt, but both kinds are harmful if you have too much so use sparingly), some get seasonings/rubs, and some we’ll brush with various hot sauces like jalapeno or habanero. Jeremiah got this awesome hot sauce gift set from Walmart for only $9 (yah, I looked it up, haha), and they had so many great flavors, especially for these chips! Jeremiah’s favorite chips are the salt and vinegar ones, so I attempted to brush vinegar on a batch but they came out just tasting like normal chips. The next time, I spread the potato slices out in a bowl and poured a mix of white wine vinegar and rice vinegar (no reason except I had both in the cupboard) over the potatoes and let them soak until I was done making all the other chips. He loved them, and now I make extra of those every time. Once they’re flavored, I just place them on the Microwave Chip Maker ($26.50) and rotate them every 60 seconds for about 6 minutes. Watch them toward the end, because there’s a very brief moment in which the chips go from deliciously crispy to “cajun style” as my parents used to call the burnt food we occasionally had to eat.

ready for cooking

Now I understand that microwaving anything really isn’t the best option when you want to cook healthy food. I totally get it. But those are quick, they use no oil whatsoever, and they are only about 26 calories for that same ounce of chips (and less than .1g fat for more than 2 oz.). Definitely a better choice. ORRRRRRR, you can make your own french fries if you refuse to be a microwave user. I prefer fat french fries so that the outside can get a little crispiness, but the inside still has that fabulous soft potato part. Still keep the skin on for a cool edge (and because the skin is high in fiber and other vital nutrients), and simply slice into whatever size fries you want with a good knife (I use the Color Coated Santoku Knife $18 to keep the potato from sticking while I’m working). Drizzle or spray a little olive oil, which is more natural and has more health benefits than vegetable oil, although either can be used. My Kitchen Spritzer was $12.50, and with it’s pumping feature it mists out just enough oil to coat and give flavor without over saturating the food and using more than you actually need. Sprinkle a small amount of the sea salt and spread evenly on a baking stone (or any baking pan if you don’t have a stone yet). I use my Large Bar Pan ($34) because it helps evenly distribute the heat, makes crispy edges and moist centers on all types of food; I love my stones! Stick the pan into a preheated oven at 400 degrees, and bake for about 20-30 min, depending on the thickness of the fries. I watch them for crispy brownness on the outside and conveniently taste test them for doneness on the inside. Perks of being the chef! We serve our fries plain for Ryley, and I mix ketchup and tabasco for fun heat with ours. I don’t have a pic because they get eaten too fast, but I’ll try to remember next time. Darn it, now I want french fries…


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2 responses to “Chip on my shoulder”

  1. thethreejs says :

    Well you just went right to the heart of my favorite snack foods…I’m a sucker for chips everytime…yum! Can’t wait to try them.

    • thelovecatway says :

      yes, I love all things snack-like!! my favorites are the jalapeno kettle chips but they’re soooo bad for me. I’ve recently gotten into the Everything Pretzel Slims from Trader Joes – they’re only 110 calories for twice as many, almost no fat, and I love that burst of flavor! maybe I’ll try to make an “Everything” potato chip…

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