Valentine’s Schmalentine’s

It’s not that I have a problem with the holiday, because who doesn’t love getting presents and being treated like royalty? It’s about waiting for a specific day of the year to do something great. I understand that it’s nice to have a day to look forward to and lavish with special attention, but I would rather be able to treat any day as the holiday of choice. Should I have to wait until December 25th to give a close friend or family member some great item I thought was perfect for them? Why hold off the decision to quit smoking or lose weight until January 1st when I can start taking action immediately? Do we really only have February 14th to show our special someone how much we love them? Call me whatever you want, but Hallmark doesn’t tell me when to “observe” Holidays. Perhaps I just like to make every day a holiday!

Due to my inability to just let this belief go (and the fact that we’ll both very likely be working until the wee hours of the night next Tuesday), we decided to have Pre-Valentine’s Day THIS week. We thought of some of our favorite [cheap] things that we enjoy, and had them all! We even included Ryley in a part of the fun because we are a family, even on Fauxlentine’s Day.

Ryley and Jeremiah made brownies together while I used my incredible iPhone photography skills to capture the moment, and then I graciously assisted in the quality control taste test with a fat bowl of ice cream to compliment the complex flavors of the box-o-brownies (that may not be the actual brand name, so don’t get mad at me if you can’t find them at the store).

Jeremiah grabbed a container of melting chocolate so we could dip fruit and have delicious snacks like chocolate covered strawberries, and of course we opened a bottle of champagne to enjoy with them. I actually loved the Martini & Rossi Brut, but it’s a bit fruity for anyone who might prefer a dry champagne. Perfect for me since I occasionally like a Kir Royale or Mimosa, but sometimes find those a little too sweet.

chocolate covered heaven

Now I know it seems backward to go from desserts and bubbly to cheese and wine… but it’s our night darn it and we’re doing what we want!! As I’ve stated before, I’m a cheeseaholic and there is always but not limited to 3-5 different kinds in my fridge at all times. This time we went the simple route (crazy cheeses tend to give Jeremiah nightmares) and had sharp cheddar, aged reserve white cheddar, jalapeno jack, muenster, parmesan, and both jalapeno and basil goat cheeses. We had peppered and calabrese salamis, prosciutto, everything crackers, rye toasts, slices of french baguette… the works!

ohhhh yahhhh

I somehow got tricked into receiving a backrub and then a lotioned foot massage, and as miserable as I was relaxing there in front of a How I Met Your Mother marathon on the DVR with Jeremiah, I managed to make it through the night just to make him happy. What can I say, I make sacrifices for the man I love. =) So there you have it friends, a Fauxlentine’s Day success. Remember to kiss your loved ones and make sure those around you know how much they mean to you EVERY DAY, and then of course have fun for us on Tuesday!


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