Omelet-ing you see all my veggies

I’ve been MIA for almost a week, sorry! Sometimes juggling life gets pretty hectic. Even in our family, just finding quality moments to spend together can be difficult. Luckily, tomorrow just happens to be everyone’s day off (At the same time?! It’s crazy, I know), so we’re going to the Date Festival, woo hoo! And this morning I discovered that although I’m working a double shift, my first one starts somewhat late, so I decided to do something special for breakfast.

which came first - the omelet or the egg?

Okay, actually… Jeremiah woke me up and said “What? You’d like to make me some eggs?” or something to that effect. After making a few rude half-awake retorts, I thought it really wasn’t too bad of an idea. Plus this blog has kept me faithful to our Farmers Market, so my fridge is now consistently stocked with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I don’t do breakfast very often because the truth is… [whispering]… I don’t like breakfast foods. When I was a bit younger, I simply ate leftovers for breakfast. You’ve heard of steak and eggs in the morning, well, I was well known for having steak and baked potatoes or spaghetti and meatballs in the morning. Over the years and due to my desire to cook for others, I’ve learned to accept that [breakfast] which I cannot change and find ways that I’m willing to eat eggs. So, just like with my carmel-mocha-milk-sugar-whip cream-chocolate-shavings-must-be-coffee-in-there-somewhere-latte, I discovered that if I drown my eggs in lots of ingredients, it’s almost like they’re not even there! To me, eggs are only good for gluing vegetables together anyway (sorry egg lovers!).

can I flip yet, can I, can I??

Since I’m even less a fan of yolks than of eggs themselves, I tend to leave them out. They look so forlorn sliding sadly into my sink drain, asking to be loved, but I just point and laugh and crack the next one into my Egg Separator (love this!! $7). The only problem is that although more fatty than the whites, the yellows do make a fluffier omelet, so I left just a few in for good measure. I added a bit of milk, garlic salt and pepper, and beat the living daylights out of that egg. All you have to do is picture that one person’s face from work and in seconds you have a fabulously fluffy bowl of eggs. Obviously, omelet ingredients are subjective and you can seriously do anything you want – we’ve made varieties including meats like bacon, ham, turkey, and other favorite items like artichoke hearts or exotic cheeses… but today was a simple vegetable omelet (smothered in cheese of course). I chopped red bell peppers, tomatoes, jalapeno and chives, snipped spinach and cilantro, sliced mushrooms and shredded sharp cheddar.

omelet taco

I’m not a very good egg flipper/folder, so although none landed on the floor, the omelets weren’t exactly pretty the first few times I attempted them. This time, I cheated and let the bottom burn a tad so the top part wouldn’t have so much sloppy liquid, and then I flipped the entire thing to cook the “top” before folding in half. I used too small of a pan for Jeremiah’s, so when I tried to fold it, everything came squishing out of the side like one of my over-sized monster tacos. I used the restaurant quality 8″ Saute Pan for mine instead and it was easier and cooked faster, but I made it inverted so I wouldn’t have to admit I made eggs for myself (if you can’t see them, they don’t exist, right?). I also layered the most ridiculously fat amount of cheese I could fit into the inside of my omelet, and you can see in the pic how it comes gushing out the sides, yum!!


Topped the breakfast off with some freshly squeezed orange juice, and we were completely silenced with mouths’ full of morning happiness (and quiet in our house is truly a rare occasion!). It could only have been better if there was champagne in that orange juice, but then perhaps work wouldn’t have been as fun (or maybe even more so, haha)…

entertain the kids with orange peel snakes


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