No bake fridge cake!

I was farting around on Facebook the other day and saw all these weird posts about Disneyland. Found out that for Feb. 29 they were doing some sort of crazy 24 hour Leap Year extravaganza (they didn’t say that, I just like the word), so I had friends that were intending to be at Disneyland literally from 6am Feb 29 to 6am March 1. In general I’m a logical, responsible, routine-following kind of girl. For whatever reason that night (it was a rough one at work), we decided that since Ryley was already going to be spending the night at her nana’s house, we would be spontaneous and crazy for once. Drove the 2 hours in the middle of the night and arrived in Anaheim at 1 in the morning (we had decided to go and thought we’d be there by about 11, and then work went late, but once I have something in my head…). It was PACKED!!! By the time we got in the door an hour later, we were freezing in line for Space Mountain for THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!! Basically, we drove all the way out to Disneyland to ride ONE 2 1/2 minute rollercoaster. And we literally got home in time for Jeremiah to get ready and leave for work at 10 that morning. Yah, I’m absolutely too old for THAT. But we will definitely go like normal people during normal hours, with Ryley very soon.

4 hours of driving, 3 hours of waiting, 2 minutes of yay-ing

Oddly enough it was probably only 60-70 degrees or so, but we’d gotten so acclimated to the desert and all that random February heat that I was shivering most of the night, even in a jacket. What’s even more of a bummer is that it never even occurred to me to bring warmer clothing, and I love scarfs/beanies/coats! I was actually bummed that I didn’t get to wear my fun stuff. It did all look pretty cool at night, though, so we just enjoyed the view and snuggled in line. Well, in honor of our “chilling” night, and because I figured it was high time I finally posted about a dessert, I decided to make a recipe that’s currently on my website as a featured dessert under the News, Recipes, and More category. It’s called the Chocolate-Hazelnut Icebox Cake because there is literally no baking involved!

making the layers

I didn’t want to spend 20 whole dollars on Frangelico knowing I’d only use a few shots for the mousse and the whipped cream, so I bought one of those single shot bottles because it looked fairly decently sized. Heads up – it’s not enough. BevMo has like a half-bottle version if you really don’t plan to use a hazelnut liquor for anything else, otherwise just pony up the cash and put some good flavor in your coffee a few times (because it’s technically cheaper in the normal size bottle). I also searched 3 different stores for chocolate graham crackers, and apparently the desert doesn’t even acknowledge their existence. Only cinnamon or honey. So, while I melted the chocolate morsels to make the fun decorative accents, I also drizzled a bunch across the honey graham crackers just so there’d still be chocolate in the layers of the “cake.” The 3-D flower/butterfly chocolate thingies were totally fun once I got the hang of controlling the flow, and I had no problem eating the first few disasters that I squeezed out in ridiculous clumps. I made a huge version of the cake since (I know this sounds backward but it actually makes sense) I really don’t like desserts. My logic was that I’d be taking the rest to work after tasting just a little bit of it, and I didn’t want to bring just a small piece if it actually did come out ok.

whip it, whip it good!

I let it sit in the fridge overnight like it said, and then made the hazelnut cream topping and toasted (burned, actually) the chopped hazelnuts just minutes before I planned to serve it. After I gave a piece to Jeremiah (and I made heart shapes for his chocolate pieces), he wouldn’t let me take any to work (haha), so I took that as a compliment! I waited a full day, and then snuck half of it out of the house, and either my co-workers are great liars (probably true also) or they liked it too. I believe I caught one of the managers licking the tupperware after one of the servers ripped it out of someone else’s hands and finished eating directly out of the container with her spoon. I guess it tasted alright. 🙂 Needless to say, if I want a simple, delicious dessert I’ll definitely come back to this one. So, even though our trip to DLand was a bust, it served for some great inspiration… and for that I’m sure my work friends are grateful. You’re welcome.

my finished "fake cake"


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