Chop-adillas for a quick hot lunch

I love my Food Chopper. Luuuuv it. I lay it on a handmade blanket in a special little bed next to mine every night so that it’s well-rested for the next day’s use. I take it on long romantic walks in the mountains, and we will be posing together hand in handle on the next Christmas card. With matching sweaters. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the info-mercial copycat version, but the Pampered Chef Food Chopper is beyond fabulous. Besides the obvious chopping feature, my favorite part is that it easily comes apart and spreads open so I can just throw all the pieces in the dishwasher and then slide it back together (no difficult or dangerous hand-washing required)!

Choppy McChopperson

One of my favorite quick and easy recipes can be found in my favorite cookbook, 29 Minutes to Dinner. The Mediterranean Quesadillas with Antipasto Relish are flavorful and filling, and they actually only took probably 15-20 minutes including cooking the chicken on the trusty old George Foreman. Since most of the ingredients for the relish (pepperoncinis, kalamata olives, and roasted red peppers) are jarred, it makes the prep so ridiculously simple. In fact, even though the recipe says to slice some things and shred others, I’ve actually found that when I’m not in the mood to pull out other tools I can just use the Chopper for everything! So, if you had to start with just one Pampered Chef tool, I’m sure you can guess which one I’d suggest. The Garlic Press!! Haha, kidding… although that one is very likely my second favorite.

load it up!

The antipasto relish is enough for 4-6 quesadillas depending on the size of tortilla and whether you’re a dunker or a scooper. I’m a pourer so it lasts for 2-3 with me (the pic above only shows about 1/3 of the batch)!. The rest can be stored for a week or so in the fridge, and I use a Prep Bowl or Leakproof Glass Container to keep it sealed airtight without risk of stains from the colorful contents. If for some crazy reason you don’t go back for seconds and thirds, use the leftovers to top fish, meat, veggies, etc. and add a burst of flavor to pretty much anything. I might just add artichoke hearts next time and see what happens. If you stick to the original recipe, all you need is tortillas, chicken, fresh basil and provolone for the quesadilla, and the relish ingredients above with more fresh basil, pressed garlic and a little olive oil. That’s it! Don’t forget the little secret of rolling your fresh basil leaves together into a small tube shape for easier snipping, and buy pre-shredded cheese if you don’t have one of our great greater graters. 🙂 If you’re dairy-free, I’d try it with the whole chicken breast on a sandwich or perhaps on crostinis with some prosciutto, sliced meats, or alone. So, chop chop! Go make some quesadillas!


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