Creepy Movie and a Crepe-y Meal

When we didn’t have cable, Netflix and Redbox were our best friends. I barely discovered Redbox last year and was immediately hooked. With the extra coupons and bonuses, I’d rent 3-4 movies at a time for just a few bucks (and blew through easily 70+ in my first month)! Even with cable, we occasionally check Redbox for recent releases because, quite frankly, I don’t feel like I should have to pay $10-12 to watch a movie in the theaters ever again (I’m not in that much of a hurry to see them). Last night Jeremiah rented 4 movies – 1 for me, 2 for Ryley, and 1 for himself. I refuse to watch scary movies because they give me nightmares, which is of course the kind he picked. Ryley simply isn’t allowed to watch them, so the only chance he had to see his creepy story was while she was in school today. Unfortunately, I have the day off, so that left me with the dilemma of avoiding the movie without having to go do something I didn’t want to like clean or exercise. So I made lunch!

I recently made horrible excuses for crepes when I decided to bring home smoked salmon for the first time. I don’t have smoked salmon often because I’m not a huge fan of smoked anything, but thought I’d give it a try in a new way. I’ve never made crepes before, and didn’t realize how very little batter is necessary for each one. The first batch turned out like sad pancakes. I’d had Build-Your-Own-Crepes once before and tried to pull out the ingredients that I recalled using, so I smeared the depressed flour flaps with cream cheese and threw on a few capers. I put very thin slices of the salmon on top and took a bite of probably the worst thing I’ve ever eaten! I added some chopped tomatoes to freshen it up a bit, but it only helped a little. Jeremiah politely choked one down and left the second in the fridge for 2 weeks.

I now have more of these than I know what to do with!

Today I felt the need to redeem myself. I will not let some no-good skinny pancake get the best of me!! So I found a recipe on a website called Food & Wine, and buried my face in the crepes (well, not literally) to hide from the movie. I poured the smallest amount into my 8″ Executive Saute Pan and quickly swirled it to spread out until I could almost see the pan through the batter, which turned out to be the perfect size and thickness. The great thing about our non-stick Executive Cookware is that I didn’t use any oil or butter, and the crepes slid right out of the pan when done, no sticking! This time I chopped the capers and mixed it into the cream cheese with butter, lemon zest, dill, shallot, and – oddly enough – fish sauce. The Food Chopper helps mince the shallot and chop the capers in seconds, and the Microplane Zester takes all the lemon zest you need without getting any of the bitter pith underneath. Our Adjustable Measuring Spoons Set and Easy Read Measuring Cups make it easy to measure all the ingredients, both wet and dry, with only two spoons and a cup. The recipe’s sauce was so creamy and flavorful, and not at all heavy. Adding the spinach salad brought that crisp freshness I was looking for last time, and Jeremiah gave me the best compliment – he said they were actually edible. Success!! I was full after three (Jeremiah had two), so even though I cut the recipe in half, I should have gone 1/4 because there’s still some left.

French burritos are awesome!

The funny thing about having a kitchen right next to our living room is that I wasn’t completely oblivious to the Paranormal Activity 3 playing on our big screen, even though I was pretending I wasn’t watching. I literally forced myself to keep from looking at the screen, but then kept asking him what each noise was in the movie or why HE was making noise, haha. At least I won’t have any visuals in my mind when I go to bed tonight, so I might actually be able to sleep! I was also quite satisfied with the fact that none of my kitchen tools flew across the room or attacked me, and that nobody stabbed me/killed me off in the first few minutes of starting the meal. Maybe if I’d made creepy crappy crepes again instead of the new tasty ones I wouldn’t have been so lucky…


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