the lovecat way

I’m sure that at least once during your visits to my blog the thought popped into your head, “what in the world does your name have to do with food?!” Technically… nothing! It also does not have anything to do with the song by The Cure. 🙂 It is, however, the reason I started this blog. I once read a great business book called Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders. In one paragraph, Tim summed up every ideal I had regarding being successful in the business world. Responding to a co-worker’s need to stop treating business like war or a game to beat, he suggests, “Be a lovecat… And that means: Offer your wisdom freely. Give away your address book to everyone who wants it. And always be human.” Be. Human. Wait a minute – you mean we don’t have to trample everyone in our path on the way to the top? That we can have even MORE success by forging strong business relationships than by holding tight to the “every man for himself” attitude?

the book that started it all

I’ve always felt exactly like Tim Sanders, but in a world where I was taught to “trust no one but myself,” it was difficult for me to convey the fact that I genuinely cared about helping others have just as fulfilling and successful a journey through life as myself. His three rules to being a “lovecat” promoted selflessness and humanity over profit and title (because by doing so, you would end up having all of that anyway, and have earned it by helping others instead of hurting them). However, I had no idea how to project my lovecat qualities in typical work environments yet. And then I found home-based businesses. Call them what you will – schemes, pyramid scams, cop out jobs – but that’s just ignorance about the spirit of what true legitimate network marketing companies embody. Our goal, at all times, is to offer a better quality of life to those around us through the products we represent. And, the only way anyone can achieve more success and do more for ourselves is to take people with us; help others have more success as well. What other business requires you to help other people get promoted before you can promote yourself?

I fully support friends in other home-based businesses, and try to buy products through them instead of stores or strangers whenever possible. I’ve been with companies that offer communications and utilities services, wellness products, and now… fabulous kitchen tools that simplify your meals so you can focus on making healthier, cheaper food for your family without spending your whole day doing so. This seems to be my niche because not only does everyone I’ve ever met eat food (not everyone lights candles or wears jewelry, but everyone has to eat!), but I truly love bringing people together in a kitchen (real or virtual) and showing them how to save money and time while using fresh, better-for-you ingredients to make delicious meals. It’s fun AND rewarding. If I can make a difference in people’s lives in some way even one meal at a time, then I am doing something great. Plus, I really love to cook AND eat, so I was made for this, haha.

must've been excited to show the Food Chopper!

Finally, a place where I can live Tim Sanders’ ideals! I can share the knowledge I have without abandon; I love speaking in front of people, and I love it even more when I’m giving information that can help others. I can connect people in my network to each other without any expectations for myself, simply to be a “business matchmaker” and help fill needs that I’m not personally able to meet (like wedding planning or giving legal advice). Most importantly, I can just be me! A person who cares, and who wants to constantly bring humanity back into business. I’m not working with machines but with people – people who have feelings, fears, hopes, dreams, families, lives… just like me. The Pampered Chef is my perfect outlet to show others how I live and do business. So thank you for joining me on all my culinary adventures, as I cook, sell, and blog MY WAY – the lovecat way!


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4 responses to “the lovecat way”

  1. Sauce Boss says :

    Now, see, your wonderfully deranged and random thought processes just scream “mad chef” to me… Is that wrong??

  2. homeflair says :

    Nice 🙂 Enjoyed ‘The Lovecat Way’! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking.

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