Thank you lettuce and gentlemen, that’s a wrap!

Our microwave has been broken for almost two weeks now. Our apartment managers keep promising to send in a new one, but of course it hasn’t happened yet. We’re still “enjoying” temperatures over 100 degrees (116 the other day), so the last thing I want to do right now is cook lunch on the stove or in the oven!!

Jeremiah recently made a great beer can chicken, and there was plenty leftover, so I figured I may as well kill two birds (or one chicken) with one stone and finish it up. But how could I eat leftovers with no microwave, stove, or oven?? Simple – cold food! Now, I’m not the kind of girl to eat cold pizza or ribs right out of the fridge (like a certain boyfriend I know), so this would’ve been a miserable meal if I hadn’t found the recipe for Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Wraps in my 29 Minutes to Dinner cookbook.

shredding and tossing

I simply shredded the previously cooked chicken and tossed it with freshly snipped basil and some of the homemade peanut sauce from the recipe. I used my Julienne Peeler to make perfect little cucumber strips and sliced up some red bell pepper with my Color Coated Utility Knife. Piled it all onto some iceberg lettuce cups (the store didn’t have bibb lettuce), and topped with more peanut sauce!

simple prep with great tools!

They were light, heat-free, and very tasty! For spice, I added sriracha to my second round, and I just might toss it in with the chicken next time to get a running start. As is always the case with currently offered cookbooks, I can’t give you the exact recipe, but if you want to know what was in that awesome and easy peanut sauce… buy the 29 Minutes to Dinner cookbook! It’s only $14.75, and you’ll get over 50 delicious recipes that can be prepared from start to finish in less than half an hour!

If you order the cookbook from my website because of this post (let me know right away), I’ll send a FREE BOTTLE of the Asian Seasoning Mix so you can get started on the chicken wraps as soon as your order arrives! I make a great Asian mustard sauce for pork chops, and lots of other dishes with this seasoning; it’s an absolute must-have item for your pantry! Once you get the cookbook and free seasoning, tell me about your favorite new creations and recipes…

Asian tacos!


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