Spiraling out of control

Working in a restaurant when you have a family is tough. While everyone else is coming home from school and work at the same time each day to enjoy their evenings together, I’m just getting ready to go in. My daughter goes to school during the day, and is essentially being raised by babysitters and extended family members while I work nights and weekends. At least the summertime gives me an opportunity to have some afternoons at home with her. Because of our lifestyle, the moments that I DO get to spend with her are precious and not to be wasted. In keeping with our No-Bake theme, I decided to make a quick appetizer for lunch that could satisfy but keep me from spending the whole afternoon in the kitchen and then wanting to take a nap during the most important time of day – quality time with Ryley.

Every time I go to Costco, the double package of prosciutto calls out to me. I love it – with cantaloupe and cracked pepper, with various stinky cheeses and artisan breads, or wrapped around any kind of food you can think of! This time, I found the recipe for Prosciutto Spirals with Balsamic Glaze in the Easy & Impressive Appetizers cookbook. I’m a huge fan of artichoke hearts, and my little potted herb garden always has plenty of fresh basil ready for us to enjoy. I keep a big jug of Trader Joe’s Balsamic Vinegar of Modena for making dressings and drizzling on homemade caprese salads, and I bought arugula, cream cheese, and red onion from Fresh and Easy.

Warning!! When you use pre-sliced packaged prosciutto instead of purchasing from a deli it is ridiculously thin and difficult to work with. If you can have it sliced thicker it becomes quite a bit easier to make this roll, but it IS possible to use the paper-thin kind if you handle it very gently. I ripped a few pieces in the process, but figured out how to peel it from the separators without causing too much of a ruckus, and simply overlapped the pieces more closely to help support the roll on the Large Grooved Cutting Board. I also had a bit of trouble whisking the cream cheese in my Classic Batter Bowl because it was straight from the fridge and didn’t have a chance to soften, so I simply stirred the chopped artichokes (love my Food Chopper), basil and onion into the cool cream cheese with a little extra elbow grease (that means strength not actual grease, haha). After spreading each layer, I used the plastic wrap to help roll the prosciutto without having to touch it or risk any further rippification. 🙂

Once I had simmered the balsamic vinegar into a nice thick reduction, I spooned it over my sliced prosciutto spirals and pretty much ate the whole plate before I even sat down. It was quite tasty, and ridiculously simple. Best of all, I got to put together a few puzzles and play a board game with Ryley before going to work instead of slipping into a hot-and-lazy-day food coma! If you want to make it a meal, I suggest a big herb salad with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, tomato, feta, sliced basil, and a vinaigrette (or more of the balsamic reduction) to keep the flavors aligned. OR, serve it as it was meant to be – as a first course to a larger dinner. Either way, enjoy your meal and the precious moments with the ones you love!


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  1. bamboogirl says :

    Yummy! Nice post 😉

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