New Year, New Life!

Well, not MY life… that’s still only slightly amusing. And no, I didn’t have a baby. 😉 As you may have noticed, I had unfortunately put blogging on the backburner for the past few months now that we’re in “busy season” at work. But I miss you. It’s really been too long and we MUST catch up! I may not be able to promise all my evenings to you, and you might even catch me with someone else once in awhile (Facebook), but I really do cherish the special relationship we have, and I want to get back to sharing my adventures with you…

That being said, I’ve very recently started a new project. An herb garden! Seems silly that someone who loves cooking from scratch and using only fresh ingredients has never ever personally owned an herb garden. I generally have a black thumb, so I’m incredibly interested to see how this pans out. However, if I can even somewhat pull this off, it will be so awesome to be able to reach over and pick some of my very own home-grown herbs to add to the dishes I prepare and post about! I’m incredibly excited, and very thankful for the Amazon gift card Christmas present that my dad felt he was being less thoughtful for giving. NOPE, it was PERFECT!!

In between my usual posts of meals I’ve created or mimicked, I will be providing updates on my little garden. Hopefully sometime this year, some of my prepared dishes will be including herbs that I myself have grown (if I haven’t completely destroyed them by then), and of course I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Here are some pics of the new “life” I’m creating this year, and cheers to whatever new things you might be trying in 2013!

so weird and so cool

so weird and so cool

all my babies

all my babies

who knew they'd need watering BEFORE planting?

who knew they’d need watering BEFORE planting?


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