A side dish that should be front and center!

Since both Jeremiah and I work in restaurants, we are all too familiar with the concept of seeing/eating a certain dish or ingredient so much that we’d be perfectly ok with never having it again. I am fed as a form of payment for supervising shifts, and Jeremiah works in back, which means extras often get shared at the end of the night rather than thrown out. For a length of time, that over-eaten ingredient for him was asparagus. The real shame is that I absolutely love asparagus and rarely get to eat it because he’s so sick of even the thought of seeing those weird green spears on a plate.

holla atcha' 'daise

holla atcha’ ‘daise

I rebelled one day and bought some fresh asparagus from the store anyway, so I decided that I’d at least dress them up a bit to add some flair and hopefully make them interesting enough for him to want to eat. It worked! The Pampered Chef has a recipe for Asparagus with Dijon Hollandaise on their website (that’s the link for you), and it was absolutely delicious.

whisked away

whisked away

The chopped red bell pepper, dijon mustard and Lemon Pepper Rub were a great combination of flavors on top of the perfectly rich hollandaise sauce. I didn’t have any buttery crackers, so I crumbled whole grain ones instead, and they were a very tasty substitution. Naturally, I did not use the packaged hollandaise, but made another Pampered Chef recipe (Classic Hollandaise Sauce). I really want the Double Boiler, because controlling the temperature of such a delicate sauce would be so much easier, but I was still able to manage with a very low heat under my Stainless Saucepan.

easy steam

easy steam

Although my Cookware is fantastic, I am absolutely in love with all my Stoneware! Every single stone provides amazing results in the oven, but they are also microwaveable! Evenly heated food is almost impossible in a microwave, but the Stoneware helps regulate the temperature for more thorough cooking in less time. I actually steamed the asparagus in the microwave using the glazed Square Baker, which would have been a beautiful way to present the finished dish if I had company over for dinner.

quick tasty topping

quick tasty topping

The asparagus truly made my night, and I could honestly have just had a huge plate of that for dinner. However, being the ridiculously hungry monsters that we are, we also grilled up some large ribeye steaks AND (yes, I said ‘and’) herb-crusted lamb chops I had bought from Fresh and Easy. My original plan was to save the lamb for another day, but they were so cute and little that we just went for broke and cooked everything. I coarsely chopped a handful of baby bella mushrooms and some sweet yellow onion, then halved a couple of garlic cloves,

yes I'm fat

yes I’m fat

and tossed the mix in a bit of olive oil before throwing it in the BBQ Grill Basket next to the steaks on the barbecue. Even though my picture boasts the typical main-dish-meat-in-front style, I honestly think the asparagus stole the show, and even Jeremiah would gladly eat it again.


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  1. LFFL says :

    Great pics. Looks good.

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