About Me

from baby to mommy, forever a foodie

At a very young age I fell in love with all types of food, and it’s a relationship that has stood the test of time. I was blessed very early with the fundamentals of cooking, and I’ve striven over the years to continue learning every chance I get. My years as an Independant Consultant with The Pampered Chef have helped me grow as a chef, a wife, a mother, a personal shopper, and an eater, haha!

Join me in the culinary adventure as I experience it, prepare it, totally destroy it, and attempt to share it. Since I’ve found I post way too many pictures of homemade meals on Facebook, I’ve started this blog to track my journey through my trials and triumphs in the kitchen. Although my shadowy iPhone kitchen counter meal pics may not provide the best point of reference, I believe my amateurish throw-everything-in-the-pot-until-it-smells-good philosophy (and sometimes ridiculously obscure recipes) can be emulated by even the most timid of budding chefs. I hope you enjoy the read, and perhaps even find that some meals might be worth sharing with your own family! Have fun!   –  heather joy


*All Pampered Chef kitchen tools, tableware, cookbooks, and pantry items I use in my entries can be purchased for direct shipment to you through my personal website. It has a full color catalog and a secure checkout, and of course I’m always just a phone call or email away for answers to questions or ordering assistance! A quick link to my Pampered Chef website can be found in the bottom left corner of this blog, happy shopping!

OH! And if by chance you’re wondering what the heck my blog name has to do with what you see on these pages… go to THIS post! (click those words. go ahead, click ’em!) 🙂


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