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An Eggcentric Dinner

low budget yum!

For late Mother’s Day (since I worked a double on Sunday) I wanted to make an eggcellent dinner. We were all going to be home last night, and finding new meals that all 3 of us are willing to eat is sometimes a bit of a hassle. Ryley goes back and forth as to whether or not she fancies eggs, so I scramble to cook them up fast when she is finally in the mood. Jeremiah beats around the bush when I ask what he wants for dinner, so I made an eggxecutive decision to have breakfast/brunch for dinner. I looked up 3 recipes that I saw on The Food Network’s cooking shows and journeyed into a dinner eggstravaganza!

For Ryley, it was simple. 2 hard boiled eggs, mini pancakes, bacon, and watermelon. What was so great about her meal is that I was already making the eggs and bacon in bulk. Paula Deen had shown 2 enticing egg recipes, one being the BLT Deviled Egg.

it’s “better for you” haha

I cooked a whole package of bacon in my Small Ridged Baker in the microwave in a matter of minutes, and hard-boiled 11 eggs (1 was cracked and rotten; we somehow missed it in the store), eggstracting them easily with my Scoop ‘N Drain. It seemed a little eggstreme to make 8 eggs’ worth of deviled eggs for only the 2 of us, but I didn’t want to cut the recipes too small (and we wanted a few of each kind). I used fresh homegrown parsley instead of dried, deseeded and cut a small amount of beefsteak tomato instead of cherry tomatoes (just used what I had), and eyeballed the other ingredients. Apparently, skipping the measurements is not all it’s cracked up to be because I had way too much filling for just 8 halves. They were ok. Not bad but not amazing. If I had a party and made 3 or 4 kinds of deviled eggs, I’d probably include them again, but not just for us at home.

party for 2!

Paula’s other recipe was for Southwestern Deviled Eggs. Now these were eggciting! You MUST make these for some sort of occasion, as I’m sure they will be a hit! I was able to use the salsa I had recently made from scratch (although I’m sure jarred would suffice), and all the flavors of cumin, sour cream, cheddar and green onion (my Forged 5″ Utility Knife slices everything and the Mini Professional Shears are great for snipping) together were so good. I’ve always poopooed at the idea of deviled eggs because other than drowning them in chili powder they are ridiculously boring! Well now I have egg on my face; I loved these and am sorry that I didn’t have more faith in eggs to satisfy my taste buds. I guess the yolk’s on me!

The piece de resistance, however, totally stole the show! Sandra Lee has a segment on TFN called Money Saving Meals, and yesterday afternoon I saw one for Eggs Benedict. I was eggstatic!

cute faux muffins

Rather than buying english muffins, she used whole wheat toast cut into a muffin-shaped circle (then she made bread pudding with the outside pieces for no waste). My Cut-N-Seal is awesome for making cool closed crust-less sandwiches for Ryley, so I used it to make the round shape, and also add a pretty little embellishment around the edges of the toast. She also used regular bacon, which is much cheaper than canadian bacon. I liked that we could just use our sandwich bread and not have to shell out tons of cash for specialty ingredients.

happy ‘daise!

I made my first hollandaise sauce, and it was eggxhilerating (and delicious)! You’re going to think I’m yolking, but it was literally the first time I’ve used that pour hole in the top of my blender, haha. I used the hot water from the hard-boiled eggs that had stopped boiling and added some vinegar. Not enough, obviously, because my pictures above show what a disaster my poached eggs turned out to be. At least they were salvageable (and I should’ve made egg flower soup with the remains!), and not completely ruined for my first time. Julie and Julia would be pleased (or they’d laugh at me). Next time I’ll likely cheat with a metal ring in the water to keep their shape.

fresh squeezed of course

So this post is what you get for egging me on. All in all my crack at belated Mother’s Day Brinner (breakfast for dinner) went well. I eggcel at squeezing fresh orange juice, so we had a few glasses. The meal was a little eggcessive but over[ly] easy and couldn’t be beat! Jeremiah’s belly hurt (but that’s because he made a full second round of sloppy man-style eggs benedict with the 3 leftover egg whites and 3 new eggs, after the 2 eggs benny that I had already made for him, and before I finished preparing the 4 deviled eggs he was going to eat), and I was just pleasantly full.

Oh well, it’s his own fault for eating such an eggstremely ridiculous amount of eggs in one night! I think I should eggxit the house today because I have a feeling it’s going to get a bit, um… stuffy in here.

what Jeremiah thinks it should look like

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