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Mary, Mary, quite contrary… is your garden still alive?

just the beginning

just the beginning

Almost 6 months after starting my herb garden, it has really turned into quite the little collection of herbs and veggies! I’ve lost plants already, and the winds nearly destroyed our whole garden, but most of the starters have survived.

Jeremiah has been so helpful keeping up with watering because I’m always running out the door to my next shift, and they’ve been needing extra attention against drought, hungry creatures, and a curious 7 year old now that summer’s rapidly approaching. It’s crazy that the temperature has already been over the 100’s on and off for weeks now, and if these plants can make it through the summer, it’ll be quite a surprise.

Ultimately, though, this became a new passion of mine. Every time I need one thing from Lowe’s, Ryley and I walk out with at least 2 or 3 more plants. I can sit on the porch, surrounded by green leaves and colorful flowers, and just feel happy. We’ve already been able to use and share some of my babies, which at least gives back the cost in consumables.

Everything is growing into miniature sized versions, and I can only assume it’s because the containers keep the roots from growing past a certain size. The real value is simply in the time my daughter and I get to spend together watering, tending, and picking.

Hopefully, we’ll start planning for a house soon so that I can have an actual yard for real gardening and playing with Ryley in the cooler seasons. Next update (hopefully a good one) at the end of summer, wish me luck!

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