“Party” with Me

One of the greatest aspects of The Pampered Chef is that as a consultant I am more than happy to come to your house, meet your friends and family, and organize a fun COOKING SHOW based on any theme, ingredient or main dish you want. Everyone learns a great new recipe that’s simple and quick, and they get to use all my personal Pampered Chef tools in the process. Where else are you able to try out kitchen items and discover how much you love them before you buy them?? You as the host will receive numerous rewards including free product value, major discounts, free shipping on your order, and 10% off for a whole year.*

If you are too busy or in a transition and don’t have the ability to invite guests into your home, or live too far from me, no problem! CATALOG SHOW hosts receive just as many benefits as cooking show hosts!! I can even set it up online as well, so your out-of-state friends and family can place orders online, and you still get credit. I’m always available via text, email, or cell to give suggestions, answer questions, and basically be your personal shopper if you so desire. Either way, when you see items in my blog posts that you can’t live without, earn them for FREE with one of these two show options!

We also have the ability to do FUNDRAISING EVENTS for groups that give a cash donation instead of free products, and there are two charities that we consistently support as a company as well. If you or anyone you know is getting married soon, I love setting up WEDDING REGISTRIES!!! You can browse the catalog and register items yourself, or I can help you choose the must-haves for any new home/family, plus the couple-to-be gets extra free product on top of the gifts that are bought for you!

Of course, I’m always open to new additions to the team, so if you’ve ever considered having a part-time business like this, ask me for details. Whatever your reason: more income, more time with family, healthier living, free and discounted shopping… there is a way for you to work this business. Who doesn’t love getting paid to have fun with others? Edutainment (education and entertainment) is a great way to pay those extra bills while helping others live healthier happier lives.

If any of these sound intriguing to you, contact me via email with your info and the best time to contact you, and I will be happy to give you more details. I’m not a pushy person, so you don’t have to worry about me hounding you day in and day out if all you want is some more information. All personal information is completely protected and will never be shared with any other people, companies, or websites; credit card info is safely destroyed after orders are placed if given directly (ie. orders through me. my website is secure and even I can’t see your info online).
*Since I currently live in La Quinta, CA (30 min. from Palm Springs), cooking shows must be local. I am willing to drive to most parts of Southern CA, as long as there is a sufficient guest count for your party. Contact me to find out if I can come to your area, or if a catalog show would be more appropriate.


2 responses to ““Party” with Me”

  1. Joyce Brinkmann says :

    how can i have a Pampered Chef Party in La Quinta, Ca ,please contac me,it is for my Son abd Daughter-in-law to be . wedding is may11 in Lebanon, Ct and Kelly lives in Colorado Springs,Co, need some info on how to do this party with the bride not here,her mom in Ct, will also be hosting a Pampered Chef party. Joyce

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